Joshua Tree National Park

I have always been fascinated by Joshua trees, so when we were visiting Phoenix for a few days we made the drive over the border into California to visit Joshua Tree National Park. When these unusual plants started appearing in the desert landscape, it was a dream finally turned reality. There wasn’t a cloud in …

Writing on Stone, Alberta

Camping in the badlands of Alberta is a unique experience. A maze of hoodoos and rocks surround you while you sleep, coyotes howl in the distance, an owl hoots from a tree in the campsite. Sunrise and sunset are magical photo-taking times, where the rocks glow a rich shade of red and the sky lights …

A brief visit to Tofino

Two nights in Tofino, big waves and strong winds. A stunning sunset on the first night. River otters playing on the fishing boats. Lazy walks along the beach looking to see what washed up during the night. These photos pretty much sum up our brief visit to beautiful Tofino. I will always think of it …

Yellowstone again: the search for wolves.

How many days does it take to see a wild wolf in Yellowstone? TEN. That’s right, ten. Not satisfied with the lack of wolves in our Fall 2013 visit to Yellowstone National Park, we decided to head back the following February to try our luck again. Like before, several days passed without a sighting, although …

The lynx encounter

The tale of my brief lynx encounter.

Fall in Yellowstone: Part two

Part two of the fall trip to Yellowstone.

Fall in Yellowstone: Part One

So much time has passed since we travelled from Monterey Bay to Yellowstone I don’t even remember much about it anymore. We’ve even been back there, and that will be the subject of a future blog post! We arrived to find the park still closed due to the government shutdown. We had already paid for …

Oregon coast

Road trip along the Oregon coast.

Summer colours in Kootenay

Forest of fireweed in Kootenay National Park.